Direct Stream Injection Process Heaters
  • Itis the MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT way to transfer Btu's from high pressure steam into any compatible process flow stream. Direct Steam Injection insures that 100% of the Btu's are absorbed.
  • It provides ACCURATE, DEPENDABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL with today's PID Controllers.  Each Q-JET Direct Steam Injection Process heater is accurately sized for the particular process heating application taking into consideration the steam supply, temperature rise required and the process flow through rate.
  • It occupies LESS PLANT SPACE & USES LESS AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT than any other heat exchanger.
  • Rapid Controlled Steam Condensation which prevents steam hammer
  • Precise Temperature Control across high flow through spans.
  • Adaptable to any process piping configuration.
  • Little or No Pressure Drop through the heater.
  • More Compact Size - Requires less installed space.
  • Lowest Maintenance of any heating method.

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